Defending the Caveman

A comedy that we can all relate to

Caveman coming to Minneapolis

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Producer Dennis Babcock has reassumed management of the Music Box Theatre in Minneapolis. Babcock’s company, The Daniel Group LLC, holds rights to “Triple Espresso,” which ran for many years in the Nicollet Avenue playhouse, and also to Bob Stromberg’s solo show, “Mr. Wonder Boy.” The Daniel Group is reopening the theater on Sept. 27 with a three-week engagement of “Defending the Caveman,”a piece that was very successful for California actor Rob Becker. Actor Paul Perroni will perform the Music Box show. After “Caveman,” Babcock will bring back “Triple Espresso” for a holiday run, Nov. 20-Jan. 6. The show, created by Stromberg, Michael Pearce Donley and Bill Arnold, was a phenomenon as it took off in the late 1990s and the 2000s. It used each man’s talents to construct a story about a comedy trio that reunites after years of estrangement. “Espresso” had a run of many years, then went away, and has been done during the holidays the past few years. See more……..