Defending the Caveman

A comedy that we can all relate to


“As it turned out – I had another life changing experience. Defending the Caveman is hilariously funny”

As it turned out – I had another life changing experience.  Defending the Caveman is hilariously funny.  I think if you read reviews on it, the hilarity is what people report.  It’s what people talk about.  The humor is probably what makes the show so popular.

And this is ttq, here.  Funny is fine, but I live life on a deeper level.  Intensity is my moniker.  Not because I ask for it, or even want it, I just see INTO the world, rather than around it.  And this play…WOW. See more…….

Laugh yourself silly and fall in love all over again!

The character Venable plays is Everyman, and Venable is every man who celebrates, along with the French, ‘vive la différence!’ He shows tenderness towards the female as she talks through her life while her male partner silently observes.  And in doing so, Venable makes the key visible.  Laughter is that key and the audience laughs at him, with him and at themselves as well.  That’s because the battle between the sexes is about a naturally funny situation that can easily turn tragic when couples do not recognize one another with grace.  “Defending the Caveman” is the perfect show for couples and a great treat for Valentine ’s Day.  That is not to say that only couples enjoy the show.  A son can better understand a mother and a father can better understand a daughter.  A boss can better understand an employee, and an Oklahoman can better understand a Texan. Above all, a lover can understand and appreciate a lover. See more…… 

‘Caveman’ bridges gap between men, women

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“Defending the Caveman” is a comedic one-man play written by Rob Becker about the misunderstandings between men and women and the way they relate to one another. It is the longest-running one-man play in the history of Broadway.

“It’s a one-man show that humorously explores the differences between men and women. We kind of get our instincts from the jobs that we had in cave man days,” Tedder said. “Back then, men were hunters and women were gatherers. What the show puts forth is that we’ve held on to those two roles, those two instincts. Men and women see the world differently and that often leads to a lot of conflict.” Read more……. 

Caveman coming to Minneapolis

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Producer Dennis Babcock has reassumed management of the Music Box Theatre in Minneapolis. Babcock’s company, The Daniel Group LLC, holds rights to “Triple Espresso,” which ran for many years in the Nicollet Avenue playhouse, and also to Bob Stromberg’s solo show, “Mr. Wonder Boy.” The Daniel Group is reopening the theater on Sept. 27 with a three-week engagement of “Defending the Caveman,”a piece that was very successful for California actor Rob Becker. Actor Paul Perroni will perform the Music Box show. After “Caveman,” Babcock will bring back “Triple Espresso” for a holiday run, Nov. 20-Jan. 6. The show, created by Stromberg, Michael Pearce Donley and Bill Arnold, was a phenomenon as it took off in the late 1990s and the 2000s. It used each man’s talents to construct a story about a comedy trio that reunites after years of estrangement. “Espresso” had a run of many years, then went away, and has been done during the holidays the past few years. See more…….. 

Las Vegas – Caveman´s 6th Anniversary

Caveman Las Vegas

DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN, starring Kevin Burke, celebrated its sixth anniversary on June 1st a the Improv at Harrah’s in Las Vegas. Total shows in Vegas have reach over 3.000! We congratulate our partners in Vegas and Kevin Burke, our Caveman.