Defending the Caveman

A comedy that we can all relate to


“DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN is a nationwide comic phenomenon!”
~ The New York Times

“CAVEMAN is back, and it’s still a hit! It’s hilarious! A blockbuster!”
~ The Washington Post

“Outrageously funny! CAVEMAN explores all of the things that make men and women fight, laugh and love. I could sense people falling and re-falling in love all around me.”
~ The Dallas Morning News

“DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN is so perceptive, so witty, so sweetly understanding, you can’t help feeling exhilarated!”
~ The Boston Globe

“The hilarity of CAVEMAN – and it IS hilarious – comes from keenly observed detail, from truth. CAVEMAN makes us howl at ourselves, whether we’re male or female.”
~ The Miami Herald

“CAVEMAN is a primal scream!”
~ The Toronto Star

“CAVEMAN ranges from howlingly funny to movingly tender.”
~ The Denver Post

“CAVEMAN is laugh-out-loud funny!”
~ The Sacramento Bee

“DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN goes straight to the funny bone. Its affection for women and its light-hearted defense of men makes CAVEMAN a winner for both sexes.””
~ The Chicago Sun-Times

“Your face hurts from laughing so hard!”
~ The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“CAVEMAN is hysterically funny!”
~ Variety