Defending the Caveman

A comedy that we can all relate to


My wife and I saw this show last night at Harrah’s LV and Kevin was SO right on with his show material! We both enjoyed the show very much. ~ John P

Enjoyed the show Thursday night. Lots of laughs. ~ Sharon M-P

Great show, lots of laughs. A good time had by all. ~ Peter P

Saw DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN tonight. What a great date night! Vince Valentine is a riot. This is a side-splitting, must-see show!!! Go see it, really, buy your tickets tonight!!! Yeah, you! ~ Leslie B W

great show – wife still smiling ~ Steve S

Saw this show last night… If you are a Caveman or woman don’t miss it! ~ Sheryl F W

Come back to Michigan ~ Gordon B

Hey, he may not be handsome… then again, he may… but he is sure as shoot funny as all get out. Don’t miss the show, you’ll love every second of it!! Vince brings a great, unique experience to each and every show!! GO SEE IT! ~ Corey A

As good as I remember it! ~ Rosa Z

Had a blast at this in the past so I thought I’d share the show w/everyone. It will be here in Parker, Colorado at the PACE Center June 1-2, 2012. If you like to laugh this is for couples and/or singles it’s just fun!!! ~ Kimberly S

When will you be doing a show in the Phoenix area? It’s been a long time. Would love to have some friends see the show. It was great and so funny. ~ Larry S

This is a MUST SEE!!! one of the top 5 things to do before you die! ~ Neve J

Just saw this last night in Pittsburgh. Great evening with friends, food, drink, and LOADS of laughter ~ Janet G

Saw this in Pittsburgh tonight, great show! FUNNY!!!! ~ Andrea R

Please come to Charlotte, NC or Greenville, SC!!! We want to see you again, saw you about 10 yrs ago in DC and still remembering how funny it all was. ~ Lori C C

Love the show, I can still remember the show from 2009 in Spokane Washington, even though I was there for work, or saving the av guys but lol it was still good and can’t wait till u come again ~ Andrew M

THANK YOU THANK YOU for bringing your show to the Rialto in Joliet. It was such a laughter-filled night!!! I still hear the belly-roll laughter, your interaction with the crowd was outstanding, and they LOVED it. THANK YOU !!!!! ~ Cathleen Ma Doolin

Please come back to Seattle / Tacoma. It’s been too long, and I’ve had to court a man for two years without the benefit of us seeing it together. We married in August, but how you you expect our marriage to endure if we can’t see the idiocy of our own communication patterns reflected back to us and help us understand each other. Help! Our future happiness is in your hands! ~ Dianne Bunnell Griffin